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Thank You!

We first want to thank you for considering to help us and the orphanage! There are several ways your donation can help. You can help the ministry, the orphanage and can also help with sponsoring a child. We are also making it available to do a one-time donation to help a first-time child in the orphanage. If you are interested in helping, first we would like to say thank you and we thank Christ for your sacrifice.

How you can Help

  • The Ministry - We came to Honduras trusting the Lord will provide for our needs. He has and thru the help of those giving sacrificially. This helps my wife and I because we are not allowed to work for money in Honduras. It helps us buy school supplies for the children. It helps pay for various doctor appointments for the children. It helps us reach not just children at the orphanage but others as well. We use this for many purposes that God directs us to.
  • The Orphanage - This is a special fund directed towards just the property and food. Most expensive thing at the orphanage is materials to fix the property yet what is bought in abundance is food. There has been roofs that needed repairs, electricity wires coming apart and plastic pipes busting. There also has been times the orphanage has ran low of beans and corn. Vegetables are also very expensive when bought in bulk. A 100 lb bag of beans cost $40. A 100 lb bag of corn cost $50.00. If God leads you to help us with this, please mark you check accordingly.
  • Sponsorship - There are a lot of children with one parent or no parents. Those with one parent rarely visits them. They may come to visit anytime between once a month to three years, if at all. Sponsorship is a special fund that the money goes to a child. You will get information about a child, updates and pictures all by email only. If you are interested, please email us for more information.
  • First-Time Child - Imagine being brought into a big place with many people there that you don’t know. Imagine being sent to a room full of beds with nothing there that is yours and going to bed with the clothes you came in. All the children that have come do just that. They come only with the clothes on their back. They have no pajamas, no socks, no extra clothes and not even a stuff toy to sleep with. A one-time donation of $50 can help us get a “welcome” bag for them. It would consist of a book bag for school, pajamas, some socks, some clothes, some shoes, their own bedding and toiletries, even their own stuffed toy to sleep with.

Donate by Check

Checks can also be mailed directly to our Mission Board. Please include "Richard Schenck" on the memo line. Please send checks to the address below:

Word for the World Baptist Ministries

P.O. Box 849

Rossville, GA 30741-0849

Donate Online

You can use our Mission Board's website to donate directly to us. Please follow the link below to donate. You can also contact the Mission Board for scheduled donations to be automatically executed:

Donate Online: Word for the World Baptist Ministry